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Bitrix24 is a multi-component online collaboration, automation, and marketing software platform for all kinds of organizations – from businesses to nonprofits.

On the technical side of things, Bitrix24 is an online cloud service that you can access either via browser or via mobile/desktop app. It features several distinct components such as CRM, tasks & projects, chats, online meetings, website builder, online documents, and others, all cross-integrated and available as part of a single platform.

Bitrix24 is an online workspace designed to bring people, tools, and information in your company together in the most intuitive and productive way. 

The great thing about Bitrix24 is that it easily replaces all the other software tools you might be using, effectively saving you time, money, and hassle. And if you factor in the extreme affordability of our plans and the lack of per-user pricing, Bitrix24 is a smart solution for modern businesses.

What is Bitrix24 used for?

Bitrix24 can be used for a number of purposes, the main ones being sales, marketing, communication, project management, customer service, and online collaboration, especially for remote or hybrid teams.

Using Bitrix24, you and your team can easily:

  • communicate via chats and online meetings
  • manage clients and sales via our CRM
  • run projects using our project management tools
  • manage employee tasks and track their working hours
  • co-edit documents in real-time
  • generate and process leads
  • launch and track email marketing, SMM, and other ad campaigns
  • create websites and landing pages

Is Bitrix24 free forever?

Yes! Bitrix24 is free forever for an unlimited number of users if you choose the Free plan.

On our paid plans, we do have a user limit (up to 5 users on the BASIC plan and up to 50 users on the STANDARD plan), but we do not charge per user. This means that you can keep adding new users within your plan limit while still paying the same amount of money monthly (or annually, depending on your subscription preferences).

How to install Bitrix24 on Windows or Mac?

To install the Bitrix24 desktop app on Windows or Mac, all you have to do is download the installer and run it on your computer. Once the installation is complete, all you have to do is log in to your Bitrix24 account and that’s it!

Optimized for a familiar and enjoyable desktop experience, the Bitrix24 desktop app allows you to quickly react to comments in tasks, start online meetings directly from a Bitrix24 chat, share files, and do other amazing things.

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